Free Workshop

GIS applications and techniques in social impact

Enrol in the free workshop where you will learn the fundamentals of GIS for social impact and humanitarian work – with hands-on tutorial on building a thematic map.

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Date and Time

Saturday, March 23rd · 7-9pm Lilongwe Time (GMT+2)


Online on Zoom (register to view meeting link)

Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to get started using Geographic Information Systems in your social impact work.

In this free workshop, you will discover how you can add GIS in your toolset, and use it in different areas of your social impact career. You will discover different sources of GIS data, as well tools you can work with.

You will also go through a hands-on tutorial on building a custom thematic map using the free and open-source QGIS software.

If you work or would like to work in social impact or humanitarian organization, this is the workshop for you.

What will be covered

GIS fundamentals

  • Basics of GIS
  • Applications of GIS in social impact work
  • GIS data sources and types
  • Tools in GIS

Developing thematic maps using QGIS

  • The QGIS interface
  • Adding different types data to QGIS
  • Navigating the map
  • Labelling
  • Symbology
  • Packaging your map
  • Measuring areas and distances

    Enrolment is closed