Free Workshop

Essential Statistics for Research using SPSS

Learn how to analyze, interpret and report research data using SPSS

Date and Time

Saturday, May 25th· 7-9pm Lilongwe Time (GMT+2)


Online on Microsoft Teams (register to view meeting link)


About this event

Join our 2-hour FREE training where you will learn how to analyze, interpret and report results for research and survey data using SPSS. You will learn how to get data into SPSS, how to edit variable properties, and summarize your data using descriptive statistics and charts.

You will also learn how to report your findings from your research using the APA format.

This training is the perfect introduction for anyone requiring the use of statistics in their studies or work.

What will be covered in the workshop


  1. What SPSS can do
  2. The SPSS interface

Getting data into SPSS

  1. Importing an Excel file into SPSS
  2. Editing variable properties

Summarizing categorical variables

  1. Producing frequency tables
  2. Creating bar and pie charts
  3. Interpreting and reporting frequencies and bar and pie charts

Summarizing continuous variables

  1. Producing summary statistics
  2. Creating histograms
  3. Comparison of means across groups
  4. Interpreting and reporting summary statistics