STATA for beginners

Acquire the essential skills you need to work with STATA for data management and analysis

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About this course

Are you ready to dive into the world of data management and analysis using STATA? Our carefully crafted “STATA for Beginners” course is designed to cater to both newcomers and those looking to refine their STATA skills.

Step into the World of STATA and Unleash Its Potential:

  • Familiarize yourself with STATA’s versatile features for streamlined data management and advanced analysis.
  • Effortlessly import data from spreadsheet applications, paving the way for a smooth analytical workflow.
  • Master crucial analytical techniques, such as frequencies, summary statistics, and visually engaging charts, to transform raw data into meaningful insights.

Lay a Strong Foundation in STATA with Expert Guidance:

Our beginner-friendly course is the ideal starting point for anyone eager to utilize STATA for data analysis. With the support of our knowledgeable instructors, you’ll gain hands-on experience and valuable insights to excel in data-driven fields.

The course features plenty of practice materials, quizzes, and a final assessment to cement your newly acquired STATA skills.

You will also get a certificate after completing the course!


What you’ll learn

  • Importing data from spreadsheets like Excel into STATA
  • Best practices of using STATA such us using do-files, and logging
  • Summarizing data using descriptive statistics such as frequencies, mean, median and standard deviation
  • Exploring relationships between variables
  • Developing bar charts and histograms
  • Exporting your output into Microsoft Word

Course content

  1. Course intro
  2. Course orientation
  1. The STATA interface
  2. Getting started with the STATA command language
  3. STATA help
  4. Using do-files and logging
Working with data
  1. Importing data from Excel
  2. Setting the working directory
  3. Exploring the data and variables
Descriptive statistics in STATA
  1. Frequencies
  2. Summary statistics
  3. Comparing means
  4. Crosstabulation
Charts and exporting output
  1. Histogram
  2. Bar chart
  3. Getting your output


Alexander Mtembenuzeni

Data Analyst, Instructor

Alexander has over 10 years experience training social impact organizations in data analytics. He also has consulted for small and big organizations alike – developing data collection tools, building M and E systems and analyzing data. He is a 4.6/5-rated instructor on where he has several courses with a combined over 8,000 students. He also loves blogging and creating tutorial videos for the Data for Development YouTube channel.

Frequently asked questions

Does this course offer a certificate?
Yes. You will automatically get a certificate of completion as soon as you complete the course and pass the graded quizzes and project
How long will it take for me to complete the course?
We recommend investing 2 hours of learning per day. With that time investment, you will finish the course including the hands-on practices in 7 days.
Which days and times does the course run?

This course is self paced. Once you enroll, you can go through the learning content at any time, and at your own pace!

Instant access

Start as soon as you enroll

Approximately 7 days to complete

Suggested 2 hours per day