KoboToolbox Masterclass – Developing and Deploying Mobile Data Collection Solutions

Learn the basic & advanced techniques of developing & deploying mobile survey data collection forms with Kobo Toolbox

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About this course

This is the ultimate Kobo Toolbox course where you will learn how to develop survey data collection forms, deploying them on mobile devices, collecting data and managing the data.

The course includes almost everything you need to know to get started and to reach mastery of Kobo Toolbox (or Open Data Kit – ODK).

What you’ll learn

  • How to develop forms using Kobo Toolbox’s form builder integrating skip logic, validation logic, calculated fields, translations and cascading selects
  • How to deploy the forms on Android devices including tweaking settings and options on your fleet of mobile devices used to collect survey data
  • How to manage data uploaded to Kobo Toolbox by viewing, editing, accepting, downloading it and creating custom data visualization reports
  • How to develop advanced forms using XLSFORM

Why you should take this course

  • We have covered almost everything you need to know about building forms and managing data using Kobo Toolbox
  • If you have specific questions, you will be able to ask and I will respond by releasing a lesson video
  • You will learn through watching videos and practicing along using the tools I have developed – better than sifting through forums
  • Each section has a project you can use to practice along
  • I have included tons of resources for practice and reference

Course content

Module 1: Introduction
  1. Introduction
  2. Course requirements
Module 2: Form Development using te online form builder
  1. Resources for learning kobo Toolbox Form builder
  2. Getting started with Kobo Toolbox
  3. The Kobo Toolbox Interface
  4. Creating your first project
  5. Download the practice form
  6. Adding your first question
  7. Question Options
  8. Question types – Select one
  9. Question types – Select many
  10. Question types – Text
  11. Question types – Number
  12. Question types – Decimal
  13. Question types – Range
  14. Question types – Date
  15. Question Types – Time
  16. Question types – Date and Time
  17. Question types – Point
  18. Question Types – Line
  19. Question types – Area
  20. Question Types – Photo
  21. Question types – Audio
  22. Question types – Video
  23. Question types – File
  24. Question types – Note
  25. Question types – Barcode
  26. Question types – Acknowledge
  27. Question types – Calculate
  28. Question Types – Rating
  29. Question types – Ranking
  30. Question types – question matrix
  31. Grouping questions
  32. Group options
  33. Including responses from previous questions in question labels
  34. Repeated groups
  35. Default responses
  36. Skip logic
  37. Skip logic – multiple criteria
  38. Skip logic skipping multiple questions
  39. Skip logic – manually entering skip logic using xlsform code
  40. Dealing with Others Specify
  41. Validation logic
  42. Validation logic using xlsform code
  43. Cascading selects
  44. Adding translations
  45. Form settings and metadata
  46. Using the questions library
Module 3: Collecting and uploading data
  1. Form deployment
  2. Data entry using Enketo Web Forms
  3. Configuring mobile devices for data collection
  4. Data entry and uploading
  5. Customizing the KoBo Collect interface
  6. Form management options in KoBo Collect
  7. User access controls in KoBo Collect
Module 4: Managing data in KoBotoolbox
  1. Data entry Summary
  2. Using KoBo toolbox report feature
  3. Viewing, accepting, editing and deleting data
  4. Using the gallery
  5. Downloading data
  6. Using the map tool
  7. Managing projects in Kobo Toolbox Form Designer
  1. Project 1
  2. Your first practice project
Module 5: Advanced form development using XLSForm
  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Resources for learning XLSForm
  3. XLSForm reference sheet
  4. Setting up your Excel file
  5. Resources
  6. Note and text
  7. Previewing your form
  8. Grouping questions
  9. Integer and decimal
  10. Range
  11. Date and time
  12. Select-type questions
  13. Media
  14. Location
  15. Barcode
  16. Calculate
  17. Acknowledge
  18. Metadata
  19. Hints
  20. Required
  21. Randomize choices
  22. Default
  23. Nested groups
  24. Repeated groups
  25. Controlling number of repeats
  26. Constraints
  27. Relevance
  28. Cascading selects
  29. Adding translations
  30. How can I calculate the number of months between dates
  1. Project 2
  2. Your second practice project


Alexander Mtembenuzeni

Data Analyst, Instructor

Alexander has over 8 years experience training social impact organizations in data analytics. He also has consulted for small and big organizations alike – developing data collection tools, building M and E systems and analyzing data. He is a 4.5/5-rated instructor on Udemy.com where he has several courses with a combined over 6,000 students. He also loves blogging and creating tutorial videos for the Data for Development YouTube channel.

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Frequently asked questions 

Does this course offer a certificate?

Yes. You will automatically get a certificate of completion as soon as you complete the course and pass the graded quizzes and project

How long will it take for me to complete the course?

We recommend investing 2 hours of learning per day. With that time investment, you will finish the course including the hands-on practices in 7 days.

Which days and times does the course run?

This course is self paced. Once you enroll, you can go through the learning content at any time, and at your own pace!

Instant access

Start as soon as you enroll

Approximately 14 days to complete

Suggested 2 hours per day


Beginner to advanced