Developing Census Surveys using CSPro

Learn how to develop data collections tools for census surveys using CSPro

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About this course

CSpro, short for Census Survey Processing system, is a software program made by the United States Census Bureau.

CSPro is used all over the world by governments and large organizations to develop and deploy tools for collecting data in census and demographic surveys. The software is feature-rich, versatile, and very powerful for implementing small and large surveys alike.

In this course, you will learn from the ground-up how you can use CSPro to design your own surveys and deploy them for data collection or data entry on Windows computers and Android devices.

You will develop feature-rich surveys with rosters, skip logic, validation criteria, flow control logic, GPS, multiple languages, and more.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to install CSpro and get started creating data entry projects
  • How to translate a paper form into a CSPro form with the correct dictionary structure
  • How to set up the input dictionary with records, question items, value sets and occurrence labels
  • How to generate forms and customize them for data entry on the PC and on the CSEntry Android application, with form labela and titles,  CAPI questions, question fills, and multiple languages
  • How to use the CSPro logic to implement skip logic, validation criteria, calculations, flow control logic and to capture GPS
  • How to enter data using CSEntry for Windows and CSEntry Android app
  • How to combine datasets and export data into multiple formats such as Excel, SPSS, and STATA

Course content

  1. Introduction
  2. Course orientation
Getting started with CSPro
  1. Downloading and installing
  2. The case study form
  3. Overview of form development in CSPro
Developing the input dictionary
  1. Dictionary fundamentals
  2. Setting up records
  3. Adding items – the essentials
  4. Adding items part 2: practice
  5. Adding items part 3 – Sub Items and Multiple Response
  6. Adding questions part 4: Specify other
  7. Defining value sets for multiple choice items
  8. Defining occurrence labels
Creating the form
  1. Form basics
  2. Creating the forms from scratch
  3. sConfiguring data entry option
  4. Customizing the form for PC data entry
  5. Customizing forms for mobile data collection: CAPI questions
  6. Adding question fills
  7. Translating CAPI questions
  8. Changing field properties
Adding logic
  1. Basics of logic in CSPro
  2. Basics of skip logic
  3. Skip logic – more examples
  4. Skip logic in rosters
  5. Validation logic (constraints)
  6. Basics of calculations
  7. Calculations using functions – Calculating age from date of birth
  8. Flow control in rosters
  9. Reading and storing GPS
  10. Compiling and checking errors
  11. Fixing errors
Data entry
  1. Data entry on the PC
  2. Setting up data entry on Android Devices
  3. Entering data on mobile devices
Data management
  1. Combining datasets
  2. Exporting datasets


Alexander Mtembenuzeni

Data Analyst, Instructor
Alexander has over 10 years experience training social impact organizations in data analytics. He also has consulted for small and big organizations alike – developing data collection tools, building M and E systems and analyzing data. He is a 4.6/5-rated instructor on where he has several courses with a combined over 8,000 students. He also loves blogging and creating tutorial videos for the Data for Development YouTube channel.

Frequently asked questions

Does this course offer a certificate?

Yes. You will automatically get a certificate of completion as soon as you complete the course 

How long will it take for me to complete the course?

We recommend investing 2 hours of learning per day. With that time investment, you will finish the course including the hands-on practices in 7 days.

Which days and times does the course run?

This course is self-paced. Once you enroll, you can go through the learning content at any time, and at your own pace!

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Approximately 7 days to complete

Suggested 2 hours per day