Free Workshop

GIS for Monitoring and Evaluation using KoboToolbox and QGIS

Do you want to develop your capacity to collect and visualize GIS data using custom maps? This is your opportunity to add value to your professional profile.

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Date and Time

Saturday, November 25th · 7-9pm Lilongwe Time (GMT+2)


Online on Zoom (register to view meeting link)

Join us in this FREE 2-hour online workshop where you will learn how to build forms for collecting GIS data for project Monitoring and Evaluaton using KoboToolbox, and developing maps using QGIS. You will discover the power of using maps to enrich your M and E reports and to aid in evidence-based decision making.

The great thing about this course is that all our case studies and examples are drawn from the field of social impact/humanitarian work – which means you will be able to immediately apply the skills to your line of work.

What will be covered in the workshop


  • What is GIS
  • Application of GIS in social development
  • Basics of GIS features

Developing GIS data collection tools using KoboToolbox

  • Getting started
  • Creating a project in KoboToolbox
  • Adding questions
  • Deploying the form
  • Configuring mobile devices
  • Capturing data
  • Uploading data
  • Downloading the data

Developing map visualization using QGIS

  • The QGIS interface
  • Loading a basemap
  • Navigating the screen
  • Loading data
  • Symbology
  • Labelling
  • Diagrams
  • Measuring areas
  • Drawing on the map
  • Creating a print layout

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